Spookly: Transforming Pranks into Profits

Spookly, a brand built on its pioneering product, a doormat that transforms water into faux blood spats, brought a whole new level of pranking. With just a single product in their lineup, they were creating a stir in the market but were yet to tap into their full potential.

When Spookly approached Grey Emails, they were achieving a commendable monthly revenue of approximately $73,000. However, they were devoid of any email marketing strategy and an opportunity to increase their average order value they just had a simple flow setup from.

It was like we started from scratch for Spookly. Recognizing the untapped potential in this niche, we suggested the introduction of a complementary product, which not only doubled their average order value but also added diversity to their offering. The success of their prank product indicated a market craving for more. Now, we had more products to upsell and customers were thrilled to buy more for their prank sessions.

With little to none previous email setup, we began to construct a robust email strategy for Spookly. We initiated our work by implementing key email flows and campaigns, and by launching a product drop. The first month itself witnessed a staggering extra revenue of $40,000 solely from emails. The momentum was set and we were ready to further optimize our strategies.

As Halloween approached, we seized the opportunity to run a social campaign encouraging customers to share their pranking stories. The result? A massive sales surge. Spookly was now not just a brand but a community, and we at Grey Emails were delighted to see our strategies turn into real-world successes.

With Grey Emails, Spookly went beyond pranks; it started witnessing the real profits of effective email marketing.

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Spookly: Transforming Pranks into Profits

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Spookly: Transforming Pranks into Profits

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