W5.C6: Warming up your email domain

Grey Email Mastery

Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this first video you will learn about warming up email domain to increase email volume . 

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How to Warm up Your New Klaviyo Account

In this video, I explain the process of warming up a Klaviyo account when starting to send emails with their system for the first time, a vital requirement for protecting your email sender reputation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Warming up an email domain involves gradually increasing the volume of emails you send from a new domain or a domain that hasn’t been used for a while. This helps to establish a good reputation with email providers and reduces the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam. Without warming up, a sudden increase in email volume might look suspicious and hurt your deliverability.

Klaviyo doesn’t automatically warm up your domain, so you’ll need to manually control your sending volume. Start by sending a small number of emails, then gradually increase your volume over time. It’s also important to monitor your deliverability metrics during this period and adjust your strategy if needed.

The warming up process typically takes a few weeks to a month, but it can vary depending on your initial sending volume and how quickly you increase your volume. It’s recommended to start with a small volume and double it every few days, as long as your deliverability metrics stay healthy.

If you encounter deliverability issues, such as a high bounce rate or low open rate, consider slowing down the warm-up process by reducing your sending volume or taking a break for a few days. You should also investigate the cause of the issues, which could be related to your email content, list quality, or sending practices.