W5.C3: Best practice for improving Deliverability

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In this video you will learn about best practices for improving Deliverability. 

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Some best practices include: keeping your email list clean and updated, using a double opt-in process, creating high-quality and relevant content, personalizing your emails, using a reputable sending domain, avoiding spammy practices (like using all caps or exclamation marks in your subject line), and regularly monitoring your deliverability metrics.

Email content can significantly affect deliverability. If recipients often mark your emails as spam, or don’t engage with them (open, click), email providers may start directing your emails to spam folders or blocking them altogether. Therefore, it’s important to create emails that are relevant, engaging, and valuable to your audience.

Ensuring your emails don’t end up in the spam folder involves various best practices, including: using a reputable sending domain, following all email marketing laws and regulations, creating high-quality content, avoiding spammy practices, and asking your subscribers to add you to their contacts or whitelist your emails.

Engagement is a key factor that email providers consider when determining where to place your emails. The more your recipients open, click, and positively interact with your emails, the more likely your emails are to land in the inbox. Regularly pruning inactive subscribers from your list can help maintain high engagement rates.