W5.C2: Delivery vs Deliverability

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Task Discription

In this video you will learn Delivery and Deliverability, we will dive into its difference and its usecases . 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Delivery refers to whether an email was successfully sent to the recipient’s email server, while deliverability refers to whether the email was successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox (as opposed to the spam folder or other folders).

Klaviyo provides delivery rate statistics in the analytics for each campaign or flow. The delivery rate is the number of delivered emails divided by the number of sent emails.

You can improve your email deliverability by maintaining a clean email list, using a double opt-in process, sending high-quality content that engages your recipients, avoiding spammy practices, and monitoring and addressing any deliverability issues that arise.

Yes, Klaviyo provides tools and features to help improve your deliverability, like list cleaning and double opt-in options, and also provides deliverability analytics and troubleshooting resources.