W3.C5: Setting up abandoned cart tracking

Grey Email Mastery

Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this video you will learn about managing snippets in shopify and we will be testing to make sure that they are actually working. 
After you complete the video, i want you to go and setup Abandoned cart tracking between your Shopify store and Klaviyo account and also test it. Also create emails inside the flow structure that you previously built.

Other Useful Resources

Klaviyo Tutorial: How To Create a HIGH Converting Abandon Cart Flow In 2023

An in-depth tutorial on how to create an abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo for your Shopify store.


Most frequent questions and answers

Klaviyo automatically tracks abandoned carts if you’ve integrated it with your e-commerce platform. You can then set up an abandoned cart flow to send emails to people who’ve abandoned their carts.

It depends on your audience and products, but a common practice is to send the first abandoned cart email within a few hours of the cart being abandoned, when it’s still fresh in the person’s mind.

Again, it depends, but many businesses find success with a series of 2-3 abandoned cart emails, sent over a few days. This gives multiple chances to bring the person back without being too pushy.

Yes, with Klaviyo’s dynamic blocks, you can automatically include the details and images of the abandoned products in your emails, to remind the person what they’ve left behind.