W3.C3: Understadning Conditional Splits

Grey Email Mastery

Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this video you will learn about conditional split, helping you to create personalized flows and help you do proper AB tests. 
After you complete the video, i want you to go and  insert the mentioned conditional splits in the flows that you previously created..

Other Useful Resources

The Trigger Split vs Conditional Split in Klaviyo

In this video, Flowium has explained the difference between Trigger Split and Conditional Split in Klaviyo flows. This is a complicated topic that many people get wrong.


Most frequent questions and answers

Conditional splits in Klaviyo are used within a flow to branch the flow based on certain conditions. They allow you to send different emails or perform different actions depending on the recipient’s attributes or behaviors.

When you’re editing a flow, you can add a conditional split by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the flow timeline and choosing ‘Conditional Split’. You can then set up the conditions for the split.

Yes, you can set up multiple conditions in a conditional split, and a person will have to meet all the conditions to follow that branch of the flow.

You could use a conditional split to send different follow-up emails depending on whether the recipient opened the previous email, to offer different product recommendations based on the recipient’s past purchases, or to offer a discount only to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while.