W3.C2: Understanding Trigger Filters

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Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this video you will learn about trigger filters, make our flows personalized and targeted. 
After you complete the video, i want you to go and insert the mentioned triggers in the flows that you previously created..

Other Useful Resources

The Difference between Trigger and Flow Filters in Klaviyo (2023)

In this video, Lucas will run you through difference between Flow Filters and Triggers in klaviyo. This is awesome to have a deep understanding of structuring.


Most frequent questions and answers

Trigger filters in Klaviyo are conditions that a person must meet at the exact moment the flow trigger event occurs to enter the flow. They allow you to further refine who enters a flow based on their attributes or behaviors at the time of the trigger event.

When you’re setting up or editing a flow, you can add a trigger filter in the trigger settings, just like a flow filter. However, make sure to select ‘Trigger Filters’ in the dropdown before defining the conditions.

Yes, you can use trigger filters and flow filters together in a flow. A person will have to meet both the trigger filter conditions at the time of the trigger event and the flow filter conditions at the time of entering the flow.

The main difference is when the conditions are checked – trigger filters are checked at the moment the trigger event occurs, while flow filters are checked at the moment a person is about to enter the flow. The same person might meet the conditions at one time but not the other.