W2.C3: Overviewing Flow Structures

Grey Email Mastery

Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this video you will learn in-depth Flow structure, how to strategize your flows. 

After you complete the video, i want you to create a very simple structure for any 5 flows in Klaviyo.

Other Useful Resources

Getting started with flows

In this blog, you will learn about how to use flows, also known as automations or drip campaigns, in Klaviyo for personalized and automated communications to your customers, and learn how to set your first flow live.



Most frequent questions and answers

A flow structure in Klaviyo refers to the sequence and branching of emails or other actions in an automated flow. It’s determined by the triggers, conditions, and timing you set up.

Your flow structure should be guided by your goals, the nature of the trigger event, and your understanding of the customer journey. For example, a cart abandonment flow might include an initial reminder after a few hours, followed by a discount offer if the first email didn’t lead to a purchase.

Yes, you can modify your flow structure even after it’s activated. However, keep in mind that changes won’t affect anyone who is already in the flow – they’ll continue with the original structure.

Conditional splits can be used to branch your flow based on certain conditions, such as whether the recipient has opened the previous email, made a purchase recently, belongs to a certain segment, and more.