W2.C2: Creating your first flow

Grey Email Mastery

Expertise level – 1/5

Task Discription

In this video you will learn about setting up a flow, from scratch and creating a flow from template as well.
I want you to create a flow from both scratch and from a template. Follow what Ayush has done in the video.

Other Useful Resources

Welcome emails for e-commerce (all you need to know)

In this video Kasey will talk about setting up Welcome series flwo for ecommerce brands, She will dive deep into how she does for her ecommerce clients.


Most frequent questions and answers

To create your first flow in Klaviyo:
Go to the ‘Flows’ tab and click ‘Create Flow’.
Choose a pre-built flow template or start from scratch.
Set your flow trigger, add emails or other actions, and configure the timing and conditions.
Make sure to review and test your flow before activating it.

A common first flow is a Welcome Series, triggered when someone joins your email list. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your brand, provide value, and build a relationship with the subscriber.

The number of emails depends on the purpose of your flow. For a Welcome Series, 2-3 emails can be a good start. Remember, the goal is to engage the subscriber without overwhelming them.

You can ensure effectiveness by setting clear goals for the flow, personalizing the email content, optimizing the timing and frequency of emails, and continuously testing and improving based on performance metrics.