JUGGY achieves 45% extra revenue through emails in just two months. The amazing bottle company Juggy was facing impressive lead generation but was unable to retain them.

Learn what Grey Emails did so as to hook the customers to come again for a second purchase.


Understanding the brand

JUGGY is not your average water bottle. It is a bottle that is targeted specifically towards athletes, gym-goers, and hikers.

Along with the bottle Juggy sells unique-looking sleeves, straws, and stickers.


Juggy was doing an amazing job of quenching people’s thirst with their Jugs, but people found one jug to be enough, so no repeat purchasers were being created.


Our Solution

With our help, Juggy discovered that Emails are a good revenue source and are an excellent channel for creating repeat purchasers.


Game Plan

After days of research, we came up with two main ideas to boost revenue.

Create a sense of community through our emails so people feel connected and stay committed to the brand.

Extensively promote Juggy Sleeves on both automation and campaigns.



End result