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Client lifecycle - Grey Marketing Agency

Disclaimer !!!

This link is exclusively for our potential clients to understand Grey’s Client lifecycle.

Here, we will try to take you through a client’s lifecycle at Grey and give you an overview of our systems. Also note that, this is just a skeleton of our system, Every brands is different and has different needs therefore we shape our system according to its demands.

Read along and see how we do our magic to give you extra 25-30% revenue at the lowest cost possible

1. Onboarding

Understanding the audience:
At Grey, we are all about understanding and pampering your audience. We put ourselves in the shoes of your audience and understand them from top to bottom. The result? A customer profile that is phenomenally accurate. All our copies, designs, and sentiments are centered around those audiences for maximum conversion.
Studying the previous results:
If you already had email marketing in place, the previous results will be the indirect benchmarks that we try to surpass. Joining hands with Grey means that we provide you with better results than anyone else in the industry. (Facts)
Creating a communication channel:
In order to foster the changing needs of the online D2C space, it’s essential that we have top-notch communication. We will set up a dedicated WhatsApp/slack or prefered channel with your team members and ours where you can expect lightning-fast responses.

Obtaining  brand materials :
At Grey, we understand that time is invaluable to you. So, we ask for everything we need beforehand so that we don’t have to constantly bother you asking for things we require.

Unlocking the full potential :

Congratulations! the onboarding process is all done. We are ready now ready to create Emails/SMS that will unlock the full potential of your backend channel. Low CPA, heightened ROI, and repeat buyers are coming your way. Sit back and relax, you will enjoy what awaits

2. Email Setup

Copies: Taking the customer profile as a base, we create copies that appeal the most to these customers. However, we don’t forget the fact that you are a strong brand and have amazing features. These features are highlighted everywhere in the email copies so that any new subscriber would instantly understand the value your brand is providing.

Design: “Make it simple, but significant.” This is the motto for our designers at Grey. We create simple yet sophisticated designs that will directly connect with the customers. In the process we don’t drift away from the brand vibe, rather center all our designs around the vibe. Consistency is our Mantra, the designs have visible differences but the customers can easily connect them back to the brand.

Structure adaptation: Depending on your audience and the industry you are operating, the flow of our Emails varies. For some industries, we might decide to send heaps of emails while for some we might decide to keep it low-key. These methods have been tried and tested for almost three years now, so we can achieve the best possible sending structure/pattern.

Pop up: Pop-up forms have existed for a long time, but very few of them are harmless. A wrong pop-up could in return drop your conversions significantly. At Grey, we have tested over 1000+ Pop-ups, and have come up with one perfect pop-up that will not interfere with the customer journey and will help in collecting tons of Emails/Phone numbers that we can use to take your backend revenue to the next level. These pop-ups will take your Email revenue to the moon (A guaranteed 25-30% increase)

Implementation: It’s time to start painting the picture. The copies, designs, structure, everything is bought into one place and a beautiful sequence of Emails is created that is perfectly balanced. 

3. SMS Setup

Short Copies:
SMS are expensive, the larger the text the higher will be the cost. To preserve your money while bringing the maximum ROI, our copywriters carefully craft copies that are short yet very powerful.
Structure adaptation:
Just like in the case of Emails, depending on the industry and the audience you are selling to, our structures/sending pattern is changed.
Multi-channel harmony:
Emails and SMS running side by side without customized settings can lead to a big disaster. Here our team has nailed the art of running Emails and SMS in complete harmony. Those who get converted by SMS will only get SMS and those who are more likely to get converted by Email will only get Email. Like this people are not annoyed by being over messaged and the ROI is unlocked to its full potential.
The SMS is now ready to be launched. This marks the end of our automated messages, but there will be a lot of optimization in the days to come.


4. Campaign

Listing winning products: We will provide you with a sheet where you can fill in your winning products or we will manually extract the winning products from Shopify. 75% of the campaigns we run in a month will be of these winning products.
Listing important events (black Friday, cyber Monday, Memorial Day). The remaining 25% of campaigns will be for these special events. At events like this, the average spending is way higher than on other days and we can extract surreal revenues
Filling up the campaign sheet: Once we have listed the winning products and the special events, we will carefully decide the dates on which these emails/sms should be sent so that people are not overly emailed.
Segmentation: If there was already email marketing in place we will use that data to segment customers. We don’t send emails to everyone. There are different types of audiences, some who want only sale emails, some who want value-based emails, and some who want emails only on rare occasions. Segmentation will help us identify such groups of audience and manage our email targeting. The end result will be increased ROI, and longevity in backend channel revenue.
Email/ SMS creation and scheduling: Our copywriters and designers will sit side by side and have the Emails/SMS campaigns ready. Our goal here is to always get work done in advance, so the Emails/SMS will always be completed three days before they are sent out. You will have plenty of time to give us any modification ideas or demands for changes.

5. Optimization

Benchmark comparison :
We list out all the data we have collected about our Emails/SMS. Then we directly compare it with the best industrial benchmarks. Our goal is to always stay 5% above these benchmarks.
A/B testing.
Getting the best result in one shot is not always possible, that is why we are big believers in testing. If the industrial benchmarks are not met, or if we believe that we can achieve much higher results for your brands, we will run vigorous A/B tests for over a period of time.
Tweaking emails with A/B test results as a base.
Once we have enough statistical data obtained from the A/B test, we will take the winning variation as our Prime example. The existing and upcoming emails will now carry the characteristics of the winning emails/sms

6. Monthly Reports

Work update:
Although outsourced, we want to give you the feeling of an in-house team. Our monthly reports will give you a quick summary of each and every important thing that has been done within that month. Our goal is to not make you feel isolated, and rather feel highly connected with us and the work we do.

Key results:
We want you to know how we are changing the backend game for you and what amazing results we are pulling for you. So all the really important things will be aggregated into one single place, where you can view them conveniently.
Upcoming game plan:
What is our thought process? What is our upcoming vision? What changes will we bring? We will answer all of this, and much more in a systematic manner. You will be aware of every step we are about to take.

7. 3 month review

Top to bottom review:
Every three months we go through every nook and corner of the emails/sms we have set up. We believe that there will always be room for improvement and with the constant growth the team experiences at Grey, we can always offer something new at the end of three months.

Changes to email/sms in accordance with the review:
If something doesn’t sit right with us after the periodic review, we will get the team to change it. For us we are our biggest competitors and getting ahead of ourselves will be a major priority.

Your email strategy is good right now but with us,
you will have 100% of what you can possibly make from emails.

If you want to step up your email game then book a 15 min call with us in the link below!