What can you expect from Strategy Audit Call?

View the Step by Step process below

Step 1

Fill out the Form

Our system will automatically generate a report based on the information you provide. This report will include a general overview of your business, a list of your competitors, and a comparison to the industry benchmark.

Step 2

Join the Meeting 

After receiving your report, we will join the meeting at the scheduled time to discuss your current strategy and retention plan. During the meeting, we will analyze data from your commerce platform and listen to your retention strategy plan. We will ask you targeted questions to gain a thorough understanding of your business and identify areas for improvement.

Step 3

Analysis and Recommendations

Based on our analysis of your business and retention strategy, we will provide you with a detailed report of how your business is currently performing and a list of specific recommendations to improve your email campaigns. Our recommendations may include optimizing your email content, improving segmentation, enhancing your email automation, and more.

Our step-by-step plan is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your business, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately help you achieve your goals. Schedule your free email strategy audit and take the first step toward improving your customer retention strategy.

Businesses we have audited

Use this section to describe your company and the services you offer. You could share your company’s story and details about why you are in business. The goal is to create a connection with the visitor and give them confidence to work with you.